It is only when the correct practice
is followed for a long time, without
interruptions and with a quality of
positive attitude and eagerness,
that it can succeed.- Patanjali

Online Yoga and Therapy Classes
Live online classes available now for members anywhere in the world and according to your convenient time.
Live classes taken by
  • DR.G.RAMAKRISHNAN (Senior Therapist)
  • M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D(Yoga)
  • PG Diploma in Yoga Therapy
  • Ministry of AYUSH, MDNIY, Yoga Certification Board Certified Level 2 - Yoga Teacher

It is customised classes which suits for the individual.

It can be for Wellness, Preventive or Management therapeutic value for

    Pain (example back pain, neck pain, Head ache etc.)
    Life Style Disorders (example Sleeping issues, diabetes, obesity,respiratory,digestive problems etc.)

We have the facility of latest equipments to have high quality audio and video live streaming. One more additional set of equipment also availabe as a backup to uninterrupted service .
No recorded video. Everything is live with personal conversation.

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